Supporting and Promoting Aviation in Missouri

Missouri Airport Managers Association - MAMA

The Missouri Airport Managers Association (MAMA) was formed to determine and enforce proper professional codes and standards among airport executives. these include:

  • To promote professional stability in the administrative functions of airport control.
  • To promote the highest standards in all technical operations necessary to the public safety and efficient airport control.
  • To establish systematic interchange of information and experience in the development and maintenance of airports.
  • To foster public recognition and respect of the airport executive profession.
  • To cooperate with other organizations working for the general benefit of aviation.
  • To promote educational efforts of the membership that share similar problems and interests within the State of Missouri.
  • To actively seek new members for the purpose of upgrading the airport management industry and revitalizing our organization.
  • To enhance the professional and managerial standards of the membership by encouraging active, consistent, and constructive participation in the Association.
  • To encourage liaison with other regional and national airport management associations for expanding the Association’s purposes.

Membership Application & Conference Registration

Click on the Link below the MAMA Membership & Conference Registration Application. Complete the form, either pay online at the payment center and email the completed form to [email protected] or Print the form and mail completed application and payment to MAMA, PO Box 681118, Kansas City, MO 64168.

MAMA  Membership Application