Supporting and Promoting Aviation in Missouri

MAMA/MoSAC Minutes - Joint Meeting August 27, 2019

Melissa Cooper, MAMA President, called the meeting to order. Attendees were introduced.

Treasurer’s Report – Marquita Pace gave the Treasurer’s Report. MAMA beginning balance was $22,847.45, Income of $20,257.02, Expenditures of $19,762.50 with an Ending Balance of $23,841.97. (Ending Balance includes $1,896.85 in the Missouri Lifetime Achievement Fund). Motion by Steve Stockam to approve the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by John Bales, voted on and passed.

MoDOT Update – Andy Hanks gave the report. There is only House Bill 1088 that could possibly affect aviation. The unmanned aircraft bill did not pass. In 2023 the Jet Fuel Tax Bill that puts the sales tax from jet fuel into the aviation trust fund will sunset. Spring flooding affected the projects ad delayed the completion of projects for paying of federal grant money. 2019 fiscal funding from the feds is about 50% paid. $18.3M in federal funds. $23.2M hoped for. If the funds for your program expires before your program expires before your project is done the money goes back to FAA. Millicent Parker is doing a directory update this fall. Based aircraft needs to be done before the end of the year. Don’t wait until the last minute. AGIS -if changes are being made to your airport layout you need to make sure the changes are being mad in AGIS. Check with Millicent Parker.

FAA Update – Don Harper gave the update. ADIP is being rolled out. This is combining two programs. The authorization is a several year approval process, but the funding level has not been increased the last several years. They are seeing more windmills going up and more requests for towers. Be sure you sign up for alerts. This can have a negative impact on your minimum approaches, etc. They are seeing an increase in solar. There is a guidance in the FAA guidance instructions. 7460 is one part of the approval process for solar. Go through MoDOT and they will work with FAA for approval process.

Bob Stuart Memorial Scholarship – Ty Sander gave the update. Once again, we are still working in the scholarship application process. We are trying to get more technical applicants. 

Legislation Update – Steve Stockam reported we have some aviation legislation issues, but sometimes the problems with getting support for things such as abandoned aircraft it is better it to attach to another bill that has the support to get passed. 2023 with the sunset on the jet fuel sales tax is our most important legislation coming up, but it’s too early start working on it, Steve challenged us to think outside the box as to what we need to grow and support improvements of aviation in the state. One of the problems we are seeing is the shortage of hangar storage. Think about things that will help aviation in your community at the state level. 

MoSAC Update – Dave Schaumburg, MoSAC chairman, gave the report. Currently, there haven’t been any issues. Glenn Balliew is working on aircraft issue with the state legislation. Other states have passed legislation that allows for the removal of abandoned aircraft from your airport. Without the legislation you have no way to removed aircraft from your airport.

AAAE Update – Dave Schaumburg reported that the membership cs to join the Great Lakes Chapter AAAE is $35 and he recommended that everyone join. Melissa Cooper is the second vice President of the Great Lakes Chapter and Dave Schubert is the Missouri legislative representative.

UCM MAMA Student Chapter Update – Dr. Matthew Furedy gave the report. Everyone was thanked for their support. The 50th anniversary of UCM school of aviation is being celebrated this October. They are doing fundraising for an aviation center. MAMA president, Blake Clary, thanked Jviation and MAMA for their support of the MAMA Student Chapter. This support has helped with field trips, etc. They are looking for speakers for their Safety Stand Down. They are also working on a fall tour to MKC. Everyone was encouraged to consider doing an internship program at your airport for UCM aviation students. Lezlie Mix, MKC, has a great internship program plan and she will share it with anyone wanting to start a program at their airport. 

State Aviation Day – Melissa Cooper gave the update. State Aviation Day is a great time to promote aviation with your legislators. It is a combined project with MAMA, MoSAC and MPA. Bill Cheek is the MPA rep. John Bales said the check list really helped when visiting the legislators. The talking point also helped.

MAMA Lifetime Achievement Award Display – Ron Craft, Jefferson City, gave the update. It’s now at Ron’s home. The display survived a tornado and a flood. The Jeff City airport terminal is going to be demolished because of flooding. The last two floods finished it off. The fold also damaged the airport. The control tower had seven feet of water. The tower was built as a temporary structure 46 years ago. The control tower is back online after being offline for 90 days. Jeff City will have to decide what to do about the terminal building as .it needs to be built above the flood level. They will need a feasibility study. There are five holes in the Jeff City levee with the largest being 1,000 feet. Brian Weiler thanked Ron for saving the display.

MAMA By-Laws - Melissa Cooper gave the report. We need to look at the governing areas. Ab Forney made the motion that a By-Laws sub-committee be formed to make recommendation for the updates. Seconded by John Bales, voted on and passed. Anyone wishing to serve on the committee needs to contact Melissa Cooper.

Airport Information Sharing Group – The fist visit will be to Spirit of St. Louis Airport.

Save the Dates – State Aviation Day is March 31, 2020. MoSAC & MAMA is April 1-3, 2020 at Lodge of Four Seasons, Lake Ozark, MO. AAAE Great Lakes Chapter Annual Meeting is Dubuque, Iowa August 6-9, 2020.

There being no further business John Bales made the motion the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Abe Forney voted on and passed. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Marquita Pace, Secretary/Treasurer, MAMA & MoSAC