Supporting and Promoting Aviation in Missouri

MAMA/MoSAC Minutes - Joint Meeting December 1, 2020

Melissa Cooper, MAMA President, called the Zoom meeting to order and gave opening remarks.

Spring Conference – Melissa explained that we are looking at moving the date to May or June. Ty Sander created a poll to get the preference for the date. It was explained that if we have to do a virtual meeting we would still owe the hotel 80% of the estimated hotel 

cost which would probably be $10,000. After the poll the date requested was June 1 and 2, 2021.

Bob Stuart Scholarship Fund – Lezlie Mix will be sending out information on the scholarship fund.

State Aviation Day – We won’t be able to hold State Aviation Day in 2021 because of the pandemic.

Legislative Issues – We had success in getting the abandoned aircraft legislation passed. The legislation will allow airports to recoup loss from abandoned aircraft.

MoDOT Update – Aviation Trust Fund – The sunset clause was extended by SB782 to 2033. On the Federal level $24M was spent and the are on target to spend more this year than last year. CIP is due now. They will be looking closely at the date for funding.

CARES Act Funding – There is a reimbursement program. You will need to request the money. You will submit your request directly to Amy Ludwig. 44.8M was spent at the state level. Amy sid jet fuel sales tax I down. 2016 was $4M, 2017 - $4,7M, 2018 - $4.1M, 2019 - $5.1M and 2020- $.3M. I’s a lot less income than projected earlier. All most all of MoDOT is working remotely and cannot attend in person meetings, The are going paperless with Docusign.

Friend of Aviation Award – Melissa said that we had the 2020 award made, but we will redo the award for 2021 and give it to the 2020 recipient at the spring meeting.

Updated By-Laws – They will be voted on at the spring meeting in June.

Melissa said that we are here to help. If you need help, just let MAMA and MoSAC know.

There being no further business John Bales made the motion the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Abe Forney voted on and passed. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Marquita Pace, Secretary/Treasurer, MAMA & MoSAC