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State Aviation Day - April 2, 2019


For Immediate Release February 24, 2019

Carolyn P. Morris


State Aviation Day Scheduled for April 2 

The Missouri aviation community will be meeting in the Capitol on April 2 to participate in State Aviation Day. This year’s event marks thirteen years in which all segments of the aviation industry have converged on Jefferson City in order to meet with their legislators. From 9 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon airport managers, pilots, technicians, consultants, and business owners will be circulating in the capitol in the third floor Rotunda area. 

Gatherings of this type provide opportunities for constituents to have conversations with freshmen legislators who perhaps are just learning about the various facets of the aviation industry and to re-establish relationships previously developed. In addition, this event provides a venue where stakeholders from across the state can meet and discuss issues they may be facing in their own communities.

Aviation plays a critical role in the lives of Missouri citizens, as well as in the operation of farms and businesses resulting in an economic impact of $857 million. General Aviation supports just under 7500 jobs statewide and overall Missouri’s airport system supports over 100,600 with an annual payroll of $3.1 billion. There are just a few states across the nation that celebrate the economic impact of their aviation industry in a similar fashion. 

The driving force behind the development of this event have been 3 associations; the Missouri Pilots Association (MPA), the Missouri Airport Managers Association (MAMA), and the Missouri State Aviation Council (MOSAC). More information is available at


For additional information contact:

Melissa W. Cooper, A.A.E.

Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport (MKC)

Airport Manager

816-859-7610 (Office)

816-719-1483 (Mobile)

State Aviation Day Update

State Aviation Day Talking Points 2019


April 2, 2019


Proposed Legislation


HB 1205—Would allow antique aircraft to be flown up to 100 hours per year before having to pay higher personal property taxes. 


  • Current law sets this cap at 50 hours per year.
  • This would result in more active aircraft in the state, creating more business and tax revenue.
  • It would also allow antique aircraft owners to use their planes for public benefit flying and to introduce students to flying.


State Aviation Trust Fund Overview


  • The State Aviation Trust Fund was established in 1998.  
  • The Fund was last extended in 2012 and will remain in place through 2023.
  • Revenue for this program is generated from a sales tax on jet fuel sold in the state.
  • The State Aviation Trust Fund supports a state airport system that contributes over 100,000 jobs and $11.1 billion in economic activity to the statewide economy.  
  • The funds are used to develop and support the state airport system and can be used at 109 public use airports.
  • Funding from this program has been used for the construction and maintenance of runways, taxiways, aprons, the installation or repair of safety equipment and navigational aids, engineering and technical studies and acquiring land for improvements.
  •  Funding from this program has also gone toward safety initiatives such as fire fighting training, emergency response training for aircraft incidents, and air traffic control services.
  • The funding allows commercial service airports to pursue new service for their communities.
  • The State Aviation Trust Fund has been used to fund over $35 million in improvements since the last extension was passed in 2012.  
  • MoDOT works closely with airport sponsors to prioritize Aviation Trust Fund projects. Projects are scored using FAA’s project prioritization formula, but MoDOT also considers additional factors, such as the airport sponsor’s ability to complete the project, commitment of local matching funds, prior support of the airport, and staff knowledge of airport needs.
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